Rim Lip Decals- fits 15" Toyota Prius Factory Wheels Many Colors

This is a full set of rim lip decals for your 15 inch Toyota Prius wheels. You will receive a full set for all 4 wheels. We offer these rim lip decals in the color of your choice, the item is pictured in true blue.  You will also receive 8 TFB decals, 2 for each wheel.  The TFB logo decals are pictured in white.  (We can provide other Lettering upon request at an additional charge). You will receive a full set of rim lip decals to cover 4 wheels. You will also receive instructions with pictures for an easy installation.  Please email us if you would like to see the installation instructions. These rim lip decals are shown installed on a set of black Toyota Prius wheels. These decals are designed to work with the wheels that are pictured only.  These wheels come with removeable hub caps, the wheels look like this with the hub caps removed and rim lip decals installed. 

Toyota Prius Rim Lip Decals Wheels Custom Blue White
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