Magnetic Racing Numbers / Backgrounds - Number Magnets

This is a set of Magnetic Racing Numbers with backgrounds for any vehicle. These magnetics are 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall and will have a white background. The magnetics will come with your choice of numbers. These magnetics are very easy to take on and off or reposition. You will receive two magnetic numbers and backgrounds, one for each side of the car. Our magnetics are made from high quality materials and will stay in place even at speeds high above the speed limit. This product is designed and produced by TFB Designs. These magnetics will look great for many years but can be removed easily and will not harm your paint in any way! Please choose the numbers you would like when ordering. Some numbers can be made reversible as shown in the last picture. Please also choose the color you like for the numbers and border.

Magnetic Racing Numbers / Backgrounds - Number Magnets
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