Lucky Strike Graphics Kit 1987-1992 Yamaha YSR50 YSR 50 80 YSR80

This is a full set of Lucky Strike graphics for the 1987-1992 Yamaha YSR50 and YSR80. You will receive a full set of graphics and logos for both sides of the motorcycle.  These graphics are an exact replica of the Lucky Strike Yamaha YZF 750 race bike that is pictured in the last image.  This is a special edition graphics kit, currently only one YSR with these graphics exists!  Each section of graphic is precision cut to fit nicely on your fairings, there is no trimming involved with installation. You will receive all of the logos and decals pictured on this YSR.  You can also choose the number to give your bike a personal touch!

*Some of this graphics scheme is only possible with paint, you must paint your upper fairing with the red and white base colors to acheive the look in the pictures.  The gas tank also must have the red and white base colors painted.  The black line on the gas tank, as well as the logos on the tank, are all decals and included with this kit.  The graphics on the lower fairing and tail section are all decals and included with this kit. 

Yamaha YSR50 Lucky Strike graphics, special edition sticker kit.
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