Carbon Fiber Front Lip Decal - Fits 2012 Honda Civic & Si

This is a precision cut carbon fiber decal made to fit nicely over the front lip on the 2012 Honda Civic and Civic Si. This item is made from impressive 3M carbon fiber vinyl. You will receive a large precision cut piece of carbon fiber vinyl that will fit nicely on the front bumper lip as pictured. You will also receive quality instructions with pictures for an easy installation. This product is an excellent fit, there is no trimming involved. Simply clean surface and apply using the provided instructions. The decal can be removed later if needed and will protect your paint from chips and scratches. Please note that this item is made from carbon fiber vinyl (not real carbon fiber) but this carbon fiber vinyl looks very real. You will receive one large precision cut carbon fiber decal. You will also receive a precision cut piece of flat black vinyl to cover the underside of the front lip.  We will also include a TFB Designs decal similar to the one pictured but in the color of your choice. 

Carbon fiber decal for the front lip on the 2012 Honda Civic and Civic Si.
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